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Gunbot packages

BUY Gunbot Standard promo to PRO ₿0,01375

Common sold to uses who want the basic power of gunbot. In this package you get the next things:

  • 1 Api slot
  • full acces to all supported exchanges
  • Support margin trading
  • Unlimited trading
  • Unlimited pairs
  • Confirming indicators
  • All strategies
  • Trailling buy and stop
  • DCA (Dollar Cost Average)
  • Reversal trading (accumulating assets)
  • Gunbot School

Gunbot Starter ₿0,0055

Gunbot starter is made for beginners to explore bot trading. You get a limited version of gunbot which later can be upgrade to Standard/Pro or Ultimate. In this package you get:

  • 1 API slot
  • Limited trading strategies (BBTA,GAIN,Emotionless)
  • No margin trading
  • No confirming indicators
  • Unlimited trading
  • Unlimited pairs
  • Gunbot school

BUY Gunbot Pro promo to Ultimate ₿0.020625

Gunbot pro is for users with more trading expierence and trading on multiple exchanges. Below you see the extra options you get ontop of the standard version of gunbot:

  • 2 extra API slots (total 3)
  • Backtesting tool access on tradingview

Gunbot Ultimate

Ultimate + trail 2 months Markt Maker ₿0.034375

Gunbot Ultimate, for the poweruser and traders what want all the possibilities with Gunbot. With the tradingview addon, you can create your strategies on tadingview and send you buy and sell signals to Gunbot. Gunbot takes care of the rest and perform you trades! In this package you get on top of the Pro version:

  • 2 extra API slots (total 5)
  • Access to the Tradingview addon

Happy Clients

Happy Clients